How do I integrate CKFinder with CKEditor 5?




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    Jérémy Jouineau

    Have you seen/read the documentation ? There is nothing .... It's not a documentation, it's only some signature of class or methods with no description....

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    Wiktor Walc

    Thank you Jérémy for your feedback. I agree that the documentation is lacking at this moment. This is partially because we are still focused on polishing CKEditor 5 core features, doing some huge engine refactoring at this moment and we plan to get back to the documentation to improve it significantly in Q1 2018. An issue for the problem you reported has just been created: 

    If you are looking on how to configure CKFinder as a simple upload adapter, then the following page may be a bit more helpful: Simply pass ckfinder.uploadUrl configuration and thats it.

    Taking this occasion, would you be so kind to answer us how exactly would you like to use CKFinder with CKEditor 5? We would like to rethink the file browser integration feature, to not repeat blindly the features we had in CKEditor 4, so any hints on what is the expected functionality would be really valuable to us.

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