Can I include CKEditor 4 and CKEditor 5 in a commercial environment?




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    Marty Warble


    I'm wondering if you could expand on your previous comments regarding the use of CKEditor in a commerical website.  I'm not sure I understand what it means when you say your source code must remain open and accessible to others.  My website runs on my server and uses CKEditor. I am not making any changes to the CKEditor code. I am using it as-is.  The code that constitutes the website is not distributed in the normal sense of distributing an application.  Do I need to provide a link somewhere on the website to the CKEditor code?  I just don't understand what it means for the code to be accessible in the context of a website.

    Thank you for any clarification you can provide on this matter.

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    Ludwika Slowikowska

    Hey Marty, I am sorry for replying to you so late. I have just sent you an email. Let's talk about your use case and needs there.

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